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in the company of nature

Company of Nature was set up to help restore our relationship with the natural world – to benefit both people and planet. At the heart of our own wellbeing is a thriving and nourishing planet. We live in the company of nature; we are part of nature and it is part of us.

What we do

We run nature connection walks and activities to help people build a closer relationship to nature. We work with organisations to support their work on wellbeing, biodiversity and sustainability through the positive, evidence-based approach of nature connection.

Introducing Nicola

Welcome to Company of Nature! I’ve felt a deep connection with the natural world for as long as I remember. My love of the wilds led to a degree in ecology, then later a master’s degree in leadership and sustainability. I’ve shared my love and understanding of the natural world in many ways since then.

I’ve worked in environment and sustainability roles for over 20 years, mainly in the business and NGO worlds, including project manager, advisor, campaigner and speaker. I am an associate member of IEMA, the professional body for sustainability, and am a fully qualified Forest Therapy Guide.

Over the last few years, I’ve experienced on a personal level how connecting with nature supports my mental wellbeing. I’ve gained an understanding of how connecting with nature not only helps our wellbeing but also encourages us to value and care more for nature.

Today I’m excited by the potential of nature connectedness to support not only our wellbeing, but to encourage the positive actions we need to restore nature.

I work to help organisations unlock the benefits of nature connection in their projects, workplaces and communities. I also run nature connection activities for groups and organisations, including forest bathing and natural mindfulness walks.

I enjoy sharing my love of nature with children. I run nature-based activities for children as a Wildlife Watch leader for The Wildlife Trust. I have also worked in outdoor learning and have helped create wildlife sites for schools.

Please contact me to find out how I can help your group or organisations, or connect to me on LinkedIn.

Nicola Scholfield from Company of Nature stands in front of a tree
Nicola Scholfield from Company of Nature

Working with you

Company of Nature is based close to the borders of Milton Keynes, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire and can offer support and activities at a range of locations or online.

Get in touch to discuss how Company of Nature could help your organisation or group.