connecting with nature for people & planet

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using the power of nature to benefit people’s wellbeing, productivity, concentration and creativity
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using an evidence-based approach for positive change in pro-environment and pro-nature behaviours
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shining a light on opportunities for your community or workplace to enrich wildlife and boost wellbeing

nature events for wellbeing

We run forest bathing and nature connection activities in and around the beautiful Greensand Country in Bedfordshire.

Feeling close to nature can have a relaxing and restorative effect, reducing stress and blood pressure, and helping us feel more creative and productive.

Our events are a chance to slow down, calm our minds and deepen our relationship with the natural world. 

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supporting your organisation

We can support your business, school or organisation. We offer events, advice, training and packages to promote wellbeing and sustainability through nature. Our work could help:

  • support mental health and wellbeing
  • promote productivity, creativity and concentration
  • enhance areas for wildlife
  • encourage pro-environment behaviours. 
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“Our relationship with nature – how much we notice, think about and appreciate our natural surroundings – is a critical factor in supporting good mental health and preventing distress.” Mental Health Foundation, 2021

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