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using the power of nature to benefit people’s wellbeing, productivity, concentration and creativity
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using an evidence-based approach for positive change in pro-environment and pro-nature behaviours
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shining a light on opportunities for your community or workplace to enrich wildlife and boost wellbeing

Why connect with nature?

A positive and close relationship with nature has been shown to benefit our wellbeing.

Making a connection can be simple. Taking moments to notice the good things in nature that we can see, smell, touch and hear. Appreciating the beauty in the natural world and the positive feelings that nature can bring.

What counts in making a connection is how we experience and interact with nature – rather than simply how long we spend in it.

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How can nature connection help my organisation?

Helping people to connect with nature can support mental wellbeing and promote pro-environmental and pro-nature behaviours.

We use nature connection as an approach to support your work on wellbeing, sustainability and biodiversity.

We work with companies, schools, charities and other organisations. We offer events, strategies and packages to help your organisation unlock the benefits of nature connection.

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Benefits of nature connection

Tuning into nature can benefit our mental health. Feeling a close relationship to nature is also linked to feeling good, functioning well day to day and feeling that life is worthwhile.

People who feel a close bond with nature are more likely to act in ways that benefit the environment and natural world.

Bringing nature into workplaces, schools or communities can benefit biodiversity and enhance our natural greenspaces.


“Our relationship with nature – how much we notice, think about and appreciate our natural surroundings – is a critical factor in supporting good mental health and preventing distress.” Mental Health Foundation, 2021

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